The Innovative Learning Department is an integral part of Broward County Public Schools' Learning Division, focusing on supporting and implementing innovations in teaching and learning to assist BCPS students, teachers, and administrators with transitioning to personalized learning environments. There are several units within the department: Instructional Technology, Instructional & Digital Materials, Library/Media, and Gifted & Talented.

Our over-arching mission is to empower all learners to achieve their highest potential through customized learning, creativity, collaboration, and the infusion of digital tools and resources. Through this emphasis on innovation and personalization, we see our vision coming to life: sparking creative ideas one learner at a time.

BCPS Digital Learning Day • February 22, 2018


Teach360: Technology Integration

Click play on the video to take a look at some of the great things happening in Broward County Public Schools with regard to technology integration and blended learning.

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The 360° Teaching with Technology Model

Teachers and students at Broward County Public Schools engage in a kaleidoscope of activities and experiences throughout the day. Technology will increasingly become a useful means of expanding options and accelerating learning at BCPS. How teachers and students take advantage of the opportunities and changes brought on by ubiquitous technology and information is an individual journey. By asking a series of “how might I?” questions around key topics, we will learn, orchestrate and inspire from a collective vision that reaches all students.


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