• Remember, the TIM is intended to describe the lesson, not the teacher.
  • Based on lesson plan or discussion, begin a TIM-O record with preliminary notes and levels.
  • Make a note of things to look for or questions to ask based on what you know prior to the walkthrough.


  • Duration of a walkthrough should be at least 10 minutes. Get a “feel” for the general TIM level in the lesson.
    • First, does this lesson seem to be at Entry level or above Entry level?
    • Does it seem to be at Adoption level or above Adoption level?
    • Does it seem to be at Adaptation level or above Adaptation level?
    • Does it seem to be at Infusion level or above Infusion level?
    • Does it seem to be at Transformation level or above Transformation level?
  • For each characteristic, decide which levels best match the lesson.
  • Detailed indicators are available under the Characteristics tabs within the TIM-O.
  • Copy text from the detailed indicators and paste it into the Notes field to add specificity.
  • Record detailed coaching notes.


  • Make any adjustments needed to levels.
  • Record key coaching points discussed during post-walkthrough conference in the Notes field.
  • Make notes pertaining to goals and professional development recommendations.